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NOLA is cancelled :)

Wow this friggin blows. You know when there are a lot of things that happen surrounding an event and you go through so much trouble that by the time this event happens, it turns out it wasn't worth doing? Well this is what's happening here.
When we originally booked the trip, we couldn't get a cheap trip out of the NYC area so we decided to fly out of Philly. Why not? We can hang, see a few friends, whatever. OK booked. We were smart enough to take insurance on the air. So Sean has repeatedly tried to call US Air, yes that lovely airline, to get a refund because we took an emergency trip to Tampa when his father died. Well they tell us put in a claim but they don't think it will pass because there is too much time between the death and our trip. Isn't that nice?
Sean then proceeds to hurt his back really badly and is in constant pain. But he swears he'll be better by the time we go to NOLA.
I look at the weather in Philly a couple of days ago and it says snow for the day we leave. Now I'm not happy.
Sunday, my mother had chest pains and was admitted to the hospital because we weren't sure if she was having another heart attack. Luckily, it turned out to be a big nothing, but scared us all anyway.
Sean's back is not getting better. There is no way he can even sit in a chair for long periods of time, forget about walking around all day and night.
And so, we cancelled the trip. This makes me very sad. NOLA is my favorite place in the world.
But, we decided to reschedule the trip for April. And since we figure we'll never get back to Maui at this rate, we are using all our rewards points so the trip will cost next to nothing. That makes me happy.
And one day, after I win the lottery, I will buy my house in the Garden District.
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