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The Wolverine movie was pretty good and other ramblings

There's a whole lot of shit I do not remember from the comic books. I'd probably be bitching about the movie if I did. But even so, I still liked it. If you didn't, I don't really care. Thanks.
On an unrelated note, I'm going to be starting the P90X workout system soon. After 2 problems buying it on ebay, I caved in and bought it from the company. If you're thinking about getting this, keep in mind you need weights and either a pullup bar or resistance bands you can hook up somewhere to give you the same kind of effect. I also had to get mats for the floor so my downstairs neighbor doesn't hate me on days I do plyometrics.
And on another unrelated note (although some of you comedians will find a connection) I am back on steroids (prednisone) because allergy season has made my asthma get completely out of control. It reminds me a lot of the bronchitis I had last year and how scared I was that I had so much trouble breathing.
Well that's about it. Oh yeah, I miss New Orleans again because Wolverine goes to NOLA to find Gambit. Now to talk Sean into another trip.
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