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OK don't laugh. Some of you know I was a Religion major in college. This makes me a vessel of useless knowledge. I have been a counselor for many years. Unfortunately, by working within a huge bureaucracy, has made it difficult to continue in this capacity. That and being assaulted by my students. So I have become an ordained minister through The Universal Life Church. It seems fitting for me for now. With my ordination, I can perform legal marriages, funeral services, civil unions, baby naming ceremonies as well as other services. I look forward to actually using my undergraduate degree.
Oh yeah, seems I'm going to hook up with a producer or 2 so I can work on my music without wanting to throw my computer out the window. I think I'll throw a gospel tune on the album. It's only fitting right?
And for those of you who don't know, I have started a blog called Whips and Kisses. Check it out at
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